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International Conference on Advance computing and Ingenious Technology in Engineering Science Conference Date: 30th and 31st December, 2021

Members of Organising Committee

Chief Patrons:                                                    Shri Suneel Galgotia, Chairman, GCET, Greater Noida.
Shri Dhruv Galgotia ,CEO, , GCET, Greater Noida.
Patrons:                                                                Prof (Dr). S N Singh, IITK, India
Prof (Dr). Preeti Bajaj, VC,GU, India.
Conference General Chair:                               Prof. (Dr). Brijesh Singh, Director, GCET, Greater Noida, Indai. 
Prof. (Dr). Avadesh, Pro VC, GU, Greater Noida, India.
Convener(s)                            Prof. Kanhaiya Kumar, EEE, GCET, Grater Noida
Prof. (Dr.) A. Ambikapathy , HOD EEE, GCET, Greater Noida. India
Prof. Arun Prasad, EEE, GCET, Greater noida.
Co Convenor(s) Ms. Neha Jain, Galgotias College of Enginering and Technology, greater Noida.
Ms. Kalpana Hazarika, Galgotias College of Enginering and Technology, greater Noida.
Conference Chair(s):                                               Prof. (Dr.) A. Ambikapathy , HOD EEE, GCET, Greater Noida. India
Prof.Mr.Rajesh Naryanan Deo, GCET, Greater Noida. India.
Proceeding Editors: Dr.Prashant Johri, Galgotias University, Greater Noida, UP, India.
Ing. Justice Ohene-Akoto, National Vice-President, World Energy Council's Future Energy Leaders Ghana (FEL-Ghana), West Africa
Mr.Mokhtar Shouran, Wolfson center for magnetics, Cardiff University, the UK.
Conference Organizing Chair(s):                      Prof. Amit Rai, GCET, Greater Noida.India.
Prof.Reena Sharma, GCET, Greater Noida. India
Prof.Kapil Bodha,  GCET, Greater Noida.India.
Technical Program Chair(s):                              Prof. (Dr). Gauri Katiyar, GCET, Greater Noida.India.
Prof. (Dr). Kiran Srivastava, GCET, Greater Noida.India.  
Prof.(Dr).Shivesh Tripati, GCET,Gr.Noida.India                                                         
Publicity Chair:    Dr Sachin Ahuja Chitkara University, Punjab
Dr. SN Panda Chitkara University, Punjab, India
Dr. Manish Sharma Chitkara University, Punjab, India
Conference Publicity Chair:    Dr. Manish Sharma,
Chitkara University, Punjab, India
Prof.(Dr.) Anamika Yadav, GCET,Gr.Noida.
Organizing committee  members Prof.Manish Srivastava, GCET, Greater Noida.India.
Prof. RavenderSingh, GCET, Greater Noida.India.
Prof.(Dr.) Anamika Yadav, GCET, Greater Noida.India.       
Prof. Md.Sajd Alam, GCET, Greater Noida.India.
Prof. Lochan Varshney, GCET, Greater Noida.India.
Prof.Chanadan Kumar, GCET, Greater Noida.India.
 Prof. Diptimayee Dasss, GCET, Greater Noida.India.
 Prof. Sandeep Tripati, GCET, Greater Noida.India.
 Prof. Kannaya Kumar, GCET, Greater Noida.India.
 Ms. Shobana, Galgotias College of Enginering and Technology, greater Noida.